How to make a make-up brush,made makeup brush......

The production process of LS's cosmetic brush is as follows:

Purchasing Hairs,Combing Hairs,Mounding hairs,Inserting hairs into ferrule,
Squeezing ferrule,Measuring (to ensure the hair size outside the ferrule),
Dipping glue (drop given glue into the ferrule to fix hair and ferrule),
Refining hairs, Assembling and Packing.

Here are some processes:
1.Purchasing hair
We buy high quality animal hair,such as the softest goat hair,weasel hair,The squirrel hair,horse hair or from Europe and Kroea , only the finest of these hair are chosen and used by us.

2.Combing Hairs
All the hair is carefully combed to remove any hairs that are bent , knotted ,without tip or
any other hairs we consider to be of inferior quality.
This work can only be done by handle and by the most experienced craftsman.

3.Mounding hairs
Hairs are put into a mold to assemble , shape and bundle them.
We never cut hairs to shape the bristles, this helps to achieve high brush performance .

4.Inserting hair head into ferrule
The bristles are inserted into a ferrule and glued together tightly.
5.Squeezing ferrule
Some brushes require this process, others do not.

6.Dipping glue
We use professional plant environmental protection glue for making cosmetic brushes to fit brushes.
The quantity of glue for each brush is control strictly .Too little glue will affect the brush In terms of firmness, excessive amount of glue will lead to excessive glue this process need the slills of various experienced craftsmen.

7.Handle assembling 
Fit a brush head (bristles and ferrule) to a brush handle.

Before any of our products are shipped, we must inspect them carefully to maintain our products of high standard and high quality.
TIP:The special requirements of the customer for the make-up brush need to be made separately, such as the requirements for logo, packaging, as well as the requirements for the color, material and style of the hair, hair cover and handle.

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