Synthetic makeup brushes

They are typically made of manmade materials such as Nylon or polyester fibers, and completely cruelty-free. It also does not contain any protein element, so it is vegan-friendly. There are many differences between synthetic and natural brushes, it sometimes regarded as inferior to natural hair bristle, but advancement in technology and manufactuering process enabled recreating most of the feature of natural hair through tapering, tipping, flagging, abrading or etching.

- Typically does not have cuticles
- Strong sgainst damage from makeup solvents
- Cleaning is easier compared to natural makeup brush bristle since the filament doesn't absorb of trap makeup pigment.
- More smooth, softer touch than natural haired brushes.
- Comes in various color.
- Allergy free
- Great for soft layering of powder, cream, and concealer.
- Perfect for a liquid type product with solid texture such as liquid foundation, CC cream, and BB cream.

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